GameDuell: 10 years of online success

Berlin based games provider publishes entertaining facts about the company history and accelerates cross-platform drive.


Todd English joins GameDuell

GameDuell hires former Core Studio Director from EA/PopCap to drive its cross-platform move.


Flappy Bird: Top 5 tips, hints, and cheats

Flappy Bird strategy guide: Top 5 ways to score higher and stay saner at Flappy Bird, the game everyone loves to hate… or hates to love!


A quick guide to Flappy Bird

Only this (free) bird game doesn’t require you to mentally sketch out parabolas and fling feathered projectiles at green pigs.


The Flappy Bird Survival Guide

If by some miracle you haven’t heard of Flappy Bird, I suggest you stop reading right now.


The lesson of Flappy Bird for games developers

Ever since Flappy Bird became the #1 free game on the App Store and Google Play, developers have been wrestling with one question: How in the world did this happen?


Hero and Goddess goes to Vietnam

KongZhong partners with Soha Game to Launch mobile game “Hero and Goddess” to the Vietnam game market


Flappy Bird review from CNET

Like most endless runners, Flappy Bird is a game with no conclusion that subsists solely on your hunger for a higher score and your dumb.


Developer behind Flappy Bird says he just got lucky

Flappy Bird, a game you can barely play for more than a few seconds without throwing your phone across the room in frustration, is dominating the App Store and Google Play.