Dragon Ball Online: Taiwan server ready for launch

gameland001 Dragon Ball Online: Taiwan server ready for launch

Yesterday, the publisher for Dragon Ball Online (TW), Cayenne Entertainment announced that the game has been full localized and will be aiming to start service by the 2nd quarter of this year. Several events are now in full gear, with winners receiving special VIP passes to the game’s first beta phase. The next server will be located in China while there is an English server rumored for 2012.

Dragon Ball Online is a massively multiplayer online game based on the Japanese comics Dragon Ball, developed by NTL Inc.
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Dragon Ball Online is not a casual game but a MMORPG set in the Dragon Ball world 250 years after the original work. In the game, players will take adventures in Dragon Ball world. The game graphics fully reflect the comic style of the original work. The characters in Dragon Ball Online are made in 3D, and the game has introduced quite a number of innovative game systems including world martial arts tournament and marriage system.
The world martial arts tournament is an online counter strike system which produces the strongest player in the game.
The marriage system is a system characterized by alternation of generations, where players can get married and have their children and they rely on their offspring to continue their adventures in the game. Players can only acquire new abilities through alternation of generations.

About Dragon Ball Online:

Game title: Dragon Ball Online
Genre: Fantasy
Developer: NTL Inc
Publisher: CJ Internet (KR), Cayenne Entertainment (TW), Shanda Games (CN)
Website: http://dbo.netmarble.net (KR) – http://dbo.wasabii.com.tw (TW)

Source: MMOCulture